Episode 3 – What Are Calories

What Are Calories?

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You have been hearing a lot about “calories this, calories that, count your calories, etc” and you are probably wondering, what in the heck they are🙄.

Without confusing you with some boring scientific & medical terms, my simplest explanation that won’t confuse you is that…….

Calories are the energy we get from food. Your body needs energy in order for it to do daily activities.

So this energy, we get it from the food we consume. Different bodies have different calorie intake requirements.

The amount of calories we need on a daily basis is what causes us to maintain our current weight, lose or gain weight.

Depending on your height, age & all but usually very slim people have a high caloric intake requirement, hence they hardly gain weight despite how much they eat because it’s hard for them to reach the caloric intake needed for them to gain. 

Meanwhile, for a fat person, they should try to eat as less as possible cause their intake is usually very low hence they gain easily

If you been struggling with either gaining or losing weight, your ass needs to know what your caloric intake is.

To do this, check tdeecalculator.net. it will give you a brief on how you should eat.

To learn how to use calories the caloric intake from TDEE to lose weight, check out Episode 1 .

After learning how to use calories, get yourself a proven Keto Diet customized for your needs to lose weight faster.

I hope I gave you a bit of insight on what calories are😉.

On the next episode I will be discussing different types of diets

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