Episode 5 – Five Robust Working Out From Home Gym Equipment You Can Use Instantly

Working out from home gym equipment

Are you a person who likes working out from home? Tired of going to the gym? or do you want to work out but lack money for a gym membership?

If you answered yes to one of the questions above, then this post is for you.

In Episode 4, I discussed the best type of diet. In this episode, I cover everything regarding the type of fitness equipment that you need in order to start working out from home.

Most of the time we don’t have enough time to go to the gym but are fascinated by the idea of working towards our dream body.

Perhaps you can’t picture yourself working out in front of a crowd (I know that feeling), but you wish to have that body that you have been dying to have.

Maybe you can squeeze in 30 minutes into a workout but are forced to do nothing because maybe:

  1. The gym terrifies you
  2. You have to rush to work
  3. You just wanna workout from home
  4. Can’t afford a gym membership

Fortunately enough, there’s a solution for you to squeeze in a workout or two despite the little time that you may have.

That solution is nothing but getting yourself gym equipment that you can use from the comfort of your home.

If you don’t know which equipment to buy, then I recommend the following working out from home gym equipment for you:
  • Treadmill
  • Barbell Bench
  • Barbell
  • Dumbbells
  • Elliptical Bike


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Sometimes you are strapped for time to go and jog or run at the tracks, and you just want to jog from home then having a treadmill in your home can be a very convenient way to assist you to lose weight without having to go outside of your house.

The best thing about having a treadmill in your home is that you can run or jog at any time of your choice.

20 minutes of using it when you wake up or just before you sleep can make a huge difference to your body, which is why I highly recommend that you have it in your home.

It is useful for those who just want to get their old clothes to fit again or if you want to improve your cardiovascular.

Benefits of using a treadmill

  1. It can help to boost your cardiovascular level
  2. Helps with weight loss
  3. It reduces the risk of heart diseases
  4. It increases your heart rate


  • Walking/running surface
  • 5 inch LCD display that is easy to read and keeps you updated on speed, incline, time, distance, calories, and pulse.
  • Speed range 0. 5 -10 MPH (0- 16Km/h) allows for users of all fitness levels.
  • 12 preset programs for a variety of your workouts.

Click here to purchase your own home treadmill.


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For a person to increase strength, one must strength train using his/her body weight or free weights. In this case, this is where dumbells come into play.

Dumbells can help one to increase their strength when they add them to their workout routine.

Dumbbells can be used in workouts such as the Dumbell curl, Dumbell squats, Dumbell press, etc to name a few.

So for a person who does not have time to go to the gym or who just wants to work out from home, they can really come in handy.

They can also be used to perform ab workouts to intensify the growth of the abs.

Benefits of using dumbbells

  1. They burn calories
  2. They help you to increase your strength
  3. Can be used for joints flexibility


  • Easy-grip for a secure hold
  • Ideal for fitness classes or at-home workout routines
  • Can be used anywhere

Click here to purchase your set of dumbbells of your choice

Barbell Bench

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A bench press is useful when you want to perform certain workouts that you cannot perform with a bar alone.

For instance, you will need a bench when you need to perform exercises such as the bench press, dumbbell press, triceps extensions, etc.

The bench helps with performing full-body workouts plus it is easily foldable, so it won’t be a hassle to travel with it.

Benefits of a bench

  1. It increases your upper body strength
  2. It improves your grip strength
  3. It burns a lot of calories


  • Can carry up to 200kg
  • Can perform full-body workouts
  • Foldable

Click here to purchase your bench


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Just like dumbbells, you will need a barbell to perform strength training, stretching, or endurance exercises.

With a barbell, you can perform many home workouts such as squats, barbell curls, Shoulder presses, Deadlifts, Triceps extensions, etc to name a few.

Benefits of using a barbell

  1. It makes it easy to perform full-body exercises
  2. Improved grip strength
  3. It increases upper body strength

Click here to buy your home barbell set

That’s it. This is the only equipment that you need to get started on your journey NOW.

I will appreciate it if you can share the article on your social media if it has helped you. In episode 6 I will be discussing ways how to measure your fitness progress properly.

See you in the next episode

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