Episode 6 – Better Ways On How To Properly Measure Your Fitness Progress In 2023

Measure Your Fitness Progress

In episode 5, I spoke about the equipment that you need in order to start working out. In this episode, I will be telling you about the 5 steps that you need to take in order to measure your fitness progress properly.

There are many ways to check how you are progressing in the gym. Most of us however only know using the body weight scale as the only way to track our progress.

This, however, is not entirely true because the bodyweight scale doesn’t tell you the full story regarding your weight loss journey.

The scale only tells you how much your weight has dropped but this weight can be anything from water, muscle, etc.

There are other 4 ways that you can use to track your fitness progress without stepping on the scale, and these ways will give you more of an accurate reading on how you are progressing.

The 4 steps on how to measure your fitness progress are as follows:

Measure Your Fitness Progress
  1. Mirror Pictures
  2. Clothes Getting Loose
  3. Body Fat Drop
  4. Tape Measure
  1. Mirror pictures

The mirror is one of the best ways to measure how you are progressing in the gym. Taking before and after pictures will give you more accuracy regarding how you are progressing.

Take pictures of your front body and side body in front of the mirror while you are half-naked. Take these pictures once every month to see how much you have progressed.

I know it can be a bit embarrassing to take mirror pictures if you are not happy with how your body looks.

How I advise my clients is that they should just take their first mirror pictures and then hide them somewhere, so that they don’t look at them every day.

This will motivate you to have a clear picture of how your body changing.

If you don’t have a mirror that you can take progress pictures of, get yourself an affordable mirror on Amazon.

2. Clothes getting loose

Another way to check your progress is by trying on your old clothes. When your old clothes start to get loose that is when you will know that you are headed in the right direction.

So pay attention to how your clothes are fitting, the looser they are, the more progress you are making.

3. Body Fat Percentage Drop

Body fat is the amount of fat compared to the amount of muscle you have.

This is actually the best way to track your fitness progress properly. This will show you how much fat you need to lose.

There are various ways to measure how much body fat you have. One of the ways is to use a body fat scale.

The scale measures everything from your bones, water, skeletal mass, fat, protein, etc. If you want to know your progress in-depth, then I highly recommend that you purchase a body fat scale.

You can purchase your own body fat scale on Amazon.

4. Tape Measure

The final way to measure your progress is by using a tape measure. You can use this to measure your waist, hips, and abdomen.

As your body measurements drop, your progress increases. Tape measurements are the ancient way of tracking progress.

If you would like to get yourself a body measuring tape, get the best one on Amazon.

Those are the alternative ways you can use to properly measure your fitness progress without using a scale.

That’s it for this episode. In episode 7, I will be discussing the difference between weight loss and body fat loss.

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See you on Episode 7


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